With rumours of return to training being punctuated with players stating they are not keen to, I have been watching the social media for something more positive, and one man never fails to surprise me on Twitter, @JNorwood_10 is the handle of the most likeable footballer in the current game.

James Norwood plays for Ipswich, and although he hasn’t enjoyed a dream season, his antics throughout have kept people laughing, from his WWE goal celebrations which attracted attention from the very wrestlers he imitated, through to paying his mate to cut the grass, only to abuse him whilst doing it,  Norwood is an entertainer.

YouTube: Best of James Norwood 19/20 season

Earlier in the year he even made an appearance as a special guest referee at a local wrestling event, eventually busting out a couple of moves, much to the dismay of many concerned fans.

YouTube: Ipswich Town’s James Norwood. Wrestling event #ITFC

His twitter is constant, as I would imagine his ‘banter’ when around the changing room,  in fact, such is the character, Lord Norwood (he bought the title) Even has a tattoo of his ‘best friend in football’s’ initials, Connor Jennings indelibly marked on James’ calf for eternity.

Lockdown hasn’t prevented Norwood from entertaining, in fact his ’no haircut’ policy has sparked quite some comparison.

Fans have reacted with other likenesses, such as :

And James happily retweets them all. Remember, this hair is from the transplant his signing on fee bought!

This has got me thinking, when we were kids we used to pretend to be our heroes in the playground, I imagine they still do similar; if they put the gadgets down to play that is. But in a world of Cristiano Ronaldos, Lionel Messi’s and Mo Salah’s …. Be a Norwood

His two big impressions were The Rock and Stone Cold


You need to google these


Really, google his celebrations