Manchester United legend Gary Neville has called for a transfer change amongst the Premier League and the Championship to help League One and Two clubs in an interview on the Sky Sports Football Show.

Neville has claimed that the top two divisions could waver the loan fees for players as a way of helping clubs in a worse financial situation.

League Two have voted to end their season prematurely due to the huge financial pressure playing behind closed doors would have had on their clubs.

League One are currently divided on how to complete the season but the problems are clear for all to see and a decision will need to be made sooner rather than later.

The former Manchester United defender has suggested that clubs in the Premier League and Championship could waver any loan fees which would help to ease the financial burden placed on clubs in the third and fourth tier of English football.


“Maybe there could be a happy medium, I heard it suggested at a meeting a few weeks ago,” Neville said. “It would be very helpful if Premier League clubs and Championship clubs, who have got more money, could loan players down to League One and League Two for no money.”

“The teams that do loan down to League One and League Two would ordinarily charge. I think if you wanted to relieve the economic pain for the next two or three years, you could potentially, not partnerships, but a way that Premier League and Championship could soften the economical blow for the clubs in the lower divisions by not charging for players.”

“That would be a real help. It would, in some way, if you could allow four or five players into, let’s say my club, hundreds of thousands of pounds. It would be the same for Stevenage or Oldham or Macclesfield or Wycombe and every other club that’s down in League One or League Two.”

“Everyone would benefit. That’s what I’d say is a half-way house between losing the integrity of the lower-league clubs but sustaining how things are at this moment in time.”

This certainly seems a good point made by Neville and is something worth looking into as a way of helping clubs with less financial income than the elite sides.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Yes - League One and Two clubs need help

No - It's not the Premier League or Championship's responsibility