Football, as we know it, has changed and there is no denying that there is a new ‘normal’. Since all sporting activity closed in late-March, there has been much concern given to how football will adapt to the concerns raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the lower leagues, even to League Two level, seasons have just been ended amongst financial concerns. Per The Mirror, Derby County owner Mel Morris says that he’d support this for the Championship.

Morris is definitely outspoken in his general opinion and that shines through in words carried by the Mirror article authored by James Nursey. Even though the Rams are only five points off a playoff place, Morris is ready to call it quits and “vote for a premature end to the Championship season” writes Nursey.

For Morris, the main reasoning behind all of this is that, when it does return, it will not be football as we knew it. It is accepted that one of the parameters for a successful return of the beautiful game will be that, for the foreseeable future, games will need to be behind closed doors. This is the main sticking point for Morris.

Michael Regan/Getty Images Sport

Commenting directly, Morris says: “I would sooner play football with fans in the stadium than without because that has a financial implication.” However, the financial impact is not Morris’ guiding force and he goes on to explain: “We have seen already in Germany, it is soulless even watching a televised game with no supporters in the stadium.”

Derby County owner Morris is not finished there, not by any means. He knows that legal battles would come thick and fast at plans to curtail the Championship season but he says there are bigger issues. On these issues, Morris says: “I think we have to stabilise first, save clubs second and then let’s see what we do with the League.”

Whilst there may be those critical of Mel Morris’ adamant stance that the Championship should end, there’re very few who can be critical of the need to stabilise and save clubs.

Is Mel Morris right about the Championship being simply ended?

Yes, totally right.

Bigger issues facing more clubs.

No, totally wrong.

Would be against the integrity of the game.