Rochdale have been given a loan by their local council to help them survive through the Coronavirus pandemic according to a report from the Manchester Evening News.

Football has not been played in England since the EFL season was halted in March and even if it is able to come back soon, all games will be behind closed doors. While clubs higher up the league ladder will be able to cope without matchday income due to their lucrative TV rights deals, teams lower down the leagues need this revenue in order to survive. This means even well-ran clubs are at risk of going out of business.

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Rochdale appear to be one of them as this report reveals that their local council has given them a loan to help them survive until they can host fans once again. The council refused to disclose how much money had been loaned to the Dale but according to a report detailed by the Manchester Evening News, it said the loan had to be made in order not to put one of the town’s key assets at risk.

Rochdale Council leader Allen Brett said: “As the home of professional football in Rochdale it has a significant community value, helping to promote a feeling of pride in the borough and generating work for other businesses in the local supply chain.

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“The club also brings a valuable community benefit through its work ‘Dale in the Community’ and works with partners to provide football and multi-sport activities across the borough, along with the Rochdale Hornets, which will also benefit from the proposal.

“This a good example of the council helping to support a valuable community asset during a time of crisis to ensure it can continue to benefit the borough for years to come.”

Should councils be loaning money to football clubs to help them survive?