Millwall chief executive Steve Kavanagh has told the London Evening Standard that they will pay for some of the Coronavirus testing if they are promoted this season.

Preparations are underway for a potential restart of the Sky Bet Championship season. Testing is set to start tomorrow ahead of training in groups being resumed on Monday, albeit those being small groups coming into the training ground in phases. However, arguments are still being had over the return of football itself. Hull City have publically stated they are against football returning due to the cost of mass testing and it is reported several other teams back them in this move.

But another spanner has been thrown into the works with Millwall now offering to pay for some of their rival teams Coronavirus testing, but only if they get promoted. The Lions lie just outside the Sky Bet Championship play-off places and would miss out on a potential promotion if the season were to be finished under the Points Per Game model.

Their chief executive Kavanagh said: “If we were lucky enough to be promoted, we would we pay a third of the costs with the other promoted teams, as a measure of solidarity. If we were to be relegated and had to pay for the testing costs, having suffered all the other financial problems, it would have really smarted and there are clubs in the middle of the table, who are absolutely saying the right thing is to play on, but they are going to incur testing costs, too.”

“Ultimately, someone will financially gain through promotion and if we’re lucky enough to be that club, we feel it’s right that we would cover our share of the costs.

“I ran the idea by the EFL over the weekend. They described it as a very generous offer and we made the offer to the clubs on Monday. We’re not asking or saying other clubs should join in.

“A number of clubs have already written to me and thanked me for the offer, but they’re not going to repeat it because they’re towards the lower end.

“Other clubs have said they’ll match it, and that’s fantastic and generous of their boards. We all play in the league together, we all stand together.

“It’s a solidarity step. We think it’s the right thing to do, to stand by our fellow clubs at this time.”

Should teams take Millwall up on their offer?