Brentford head coach Thomas Frank has told the Mirror that he and his players cannot wait to get back to playing football.

Just a few days after all the leagues wanting to return kept a keen eye on the Bundesliga, it is looking more likely that the Sky Bet Championship will be returning. The current plan is that training will resume on Monday while a provisional date for June 13rd has been set for the restart of the season.

There has been a big debate about whether football should return and now Brentford’s manager Frank has joined the debate. He has revealed he is on the side that football should return, stating that he and his players all can’t wait to get back to playing football. Brentford would benefit from the season restarting as they are 4th in the Championship and would miss out on promotion if the season was ended early and decided by the Points Per Game model.

Frank said: “That’s my clear feeling. They all want to come back, play football and compete. Of course that means all of the regulations and rules must be in place. But they all want to play, they want to start to train and play football again,

“They love to play. It’s so deep inside their bodies and of course I feel that way too. I hope we can start again very soon and, like everything, we also need to continue. Life moves on and we need to start and try to get back to something that is normal.

“Of course we all have a big responsibility to stay safe and to follow the regulations and we can play again.

“I have a belief that we can do it. I see all the emails going back and forth between the EFL, the doctors and the directors, about protocols and I have a clear idea that we can do it safely.

“It was good that the Bundesliga started this weekend. Everyone can see that it was fine. I strongly believe that we can continue and it will be safe or in a safe environment going forward if we do the right things.

“I watched the Leipzig-Freiburg game and it was good to watch some football. It was strange but good.”

Should football return?