Sheffield Wednesday’s Kadeem Harris has told the Sheffield Star that Steven Fletcher is the ideal man to have in the box for someone like him.

One of the bright spots of the season has been the partnership between Harris as a winger and Fletcher up front. Fans demanded that they bring in a player with pace and Harris was the guy they brought in and he has been a top signing for the Owls. He has linked up very well with Fletcher this season and when Wednesday looked likely for promotion it was largely down to these two men.

One big blow for the team was when Fletcher was out for a lengthy period at the start of 2020 and he had only been back a short while before the season was suspended due to Coronavirus. Harris has admitted losing Fletcher was a terrible loss for the time and that there isn’t a man he’d rather have in the box when he is bombing down the wings.

Harris said: “Having someone like Fletch is perfect for someone like me, it’s the perfect player to have in the box. I like to beat a man and get the ball to the back stick or just in the box in general, and he’s deadly there.

“As you’ve seen a couple of times this season, myself or somebody else has got something in there and he’s been clinical. Having a clinical striker like that, with his experiences as a pro, it’s great for a player like me.

“Him getting injured was a massive loss for the team, but you can’t blame our entire form on that, there are 11 players out there and we’ve got a good squad.”

Who is the better player, Kadeem Harris or Steven Fletcher?

Kadeem Harris

Steven Fletcher