When Mohammed Al Fayed bought his local club, he went bananas in the transfer market, not to mention the ‘oddly thought-out statue market’ (think Michael Jackson, the singer, not the Preston North End iconic midfielder)

He allowed his string of managers to pretty much do what they liked, from over-the-top signings, to backroom shuffles. Pretty soon, little old classic Fulham would be challenging for titles. Well, that’s what Mr Al-Fayed thought.

I have tried to select some of the more obscure moments in Fulham folklore and put them into this quiz format for you to try your luck on. It doesn’t matter if you are not a Fulham fan, you may know more than you think!

Especially as they signed from pretty much every club, or possibly ended up at every club once the splurge was over and they needed to return to playing the beautiful game.

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First appointment as Manager

Scores on the doors?


Well done, here is the statue to end all tributes


You know who this is, but won’t admit it


You think this is what “Fulham life means”