Most football fans would be ecstatic to turn up and watch their side battle to a 1-0 victory most of the season. Add all those 1-0s up, sprinkle in some defeats and draws and you could be looking at promotion.

Trouble is, watching a succession of 1-0 results is like eating unbuttered toast for the rest of your life. You might like toast, I mean who doesn’t, but a lifetime of unbuttered toast doesn’t bear thinking about.

The featured picture is Manchester City striker Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero. The small striker is phenomenal in front of goal, deadly in fact. He is the Premier League’s record hat-trick scorer. He has 12 to his name, one more than Alan Shearer.

Not every side can have an Aguero or a Shearer but that doesn’t quell the excitement when your side start to play and dominate and you are 3-0 up at half-time and your striker has just banged in a brace of well-taken goals.

Anyway, this quiz is a straightforward Yes/No style of a quiz. It is simply testing whether you know if a certain player has scored a hat-trick in the Championship since 2004 when it was formed. There’ll be a picture of a Championship player and a question stem of ‘Did he…’ with the options forming the end of the sentence and your answer.

Good luck.

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Did Marcus Stewart...

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