The above shot is of Leeds United player, Mick Bates, playing at Elland Road on November 18, 1972. It was a game against Crystal Palace and one which ended in a 2-2 draw.

Bates signed for Leeds United as a youngster and made his way up through the ranks at the club. He went on to make 86 appearances for the Whites (six goals/one assist) before moving on to Walsall, Bradford City and Doncaster before ending his career at Worksop in 1982.

Bates is one of the more memorable Leeds United players and one who fans would easily be able to say, “Yep. Bates definitely played more than one game for Leeds United.”

The trouble is, a whole host of players have come and gone at Leeds United. Whilst it’s not been a revolving door system, there have been times that it felt like that.

That’s the whole point of this quiz. Can you Leeds United fans wheedle out the players who have only played one game for the Whites from those who have turned out more – even if it’s just two appearances?

Will you be the first-team choice with 12 out of 12 or will you be released from the club after failing to get one answer correct?

When you’ve done this quiz, why not have a go at this one naming 15 former Leeds United players?

Will you continue your dominance as a font of Leeds United knowledge or will you redeem yourself?

Psst…if we haven’t been able to find a player (either in Leeds kit or for another side), we have plopped in a beautiful picture of Elland Road.

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Granddi N'Goye - One or More?

So then, how do you measure up?

Perfect 12/12

First name on the teamsheet.

Excellent 9-11

A first-team regular.

Passable 4-8

Appearance from the bench.

Disappointing 1-3

More training needed.

Miserable 0/12

Escorted off the premises.