When things are normal and football is on as usual, we all have our routine. For some of us, it’s a lucky pre-match meal, a pint at the pub or some daft superstition that you don’t want to admit to right now. For others, it’s a cheeky bet that might pay for a Chinese later on.

Like so many other things, that has now ended. No football means no 10 match acca that you swear will come in this week. And like a lot of businesses out there, the bookies are trying to come up with other things to try and make some money while the football has stopped. They may not get the sympathy other industries have during this time due to betting being seen as a vice, but a lot of jobs and careers are relying on the bookies coming up with some way to make some money during this tough time for everyone.

Quite a few were ready for this already with alternative streams of revenue. You go on many websites and you’ll see you can not only bet on any sport happening but take part in bingo or a casino. And they want you to take part, Bingo Sites lists a lot of great offers if you want to make some cash like the old ladies at Mecca bingo, some of them at bookies websites and on other more dedicated bingo services. And of course, while your living room may not be as glamorous as Las Vegas, you can still play roulette on many bookies websites too.

But what if you are a sports betting guy and you can’t bring yourself to bet on the crucial Belarusian Premier League tie between Lokomotiv Gomel and Krumkachy Minsk? Well if you can only bet on teams you’ve heard of, e-sports betting is the big thing and gambling on FIFA is being promoted heavily online right now. Yes, it may have been laughed at by most sports fans but as one of the few sports still able to be played safely, it has been gaining in popularity and you can put accas on it, the most crucial of things.

So with the bookies still offering a lot of options, whether it be the bingo, casino or esports, it’s good to know if we need a little flutter to add some excitement to a boring time, we can still do it.