FIFA are set to make an upcoming announcement in the next 48 days with news that they will confirm an indefinite extension to the current season allowing each country’s FA to determine when campaigns can finish as reported by The Athletic.

This is also set to mean that player’s contracts and loan deals will be extended accordingly, allowing those who will expire to remain at the club until the season is concluded with most of them initially ending on June 30.

In each country, Coronavirus is affecting the popularity in different ways and at different speeds and this news will allow maximum flexibility for all clubs.

As of yet nothing has been officially confirmed and it doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of the season being declared as null and void but it does reduce the chance of this happening considerably.

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing huge problems throughout the football world and the world in general but the removal of the pressure to conclude the season sooner will be of huge benefit to football clubs around the world.

There is also an option of the season being concluded behind closed doors should it be decided that this is the safer way of ending the season although it is thought that most people would prefer for the fans to be present at the remaining games.

Football could also be concluded in other countries at “neutral” grounds in order to ensure the season comes to an end although this seems unlikely at the moment with countries all around the world struggling to contain the Coronavirus pandemic.

The summer transfer window would also need to be a real topic of discussion with it due to end on September 1 but should the season not be finished by then, this would also need to be rescheduled or perhaps prolonged.