UEFA have written to the European Club Association and European Leagues urging them not to cancel the current football seasons which will provide a huge promotion boost to Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion as reported by Sky Sports.

Football in general is currently tackling huge issues due to the Coronavirus pandemic but has called upon them to “stand united” in their quest to finish the season.

The letter which has been written has been seen by Sky Sports News and contains information of how they wish for the football season to be resumed when it is deemed safe.

“It is of paramount importance that even a disruptive event like this epidemic does not prevent our competitions from being decided on the field, in accordance with their rules and that all sporting titles are awarded on the basis of results,” it states.

“As responsible leaders in our sport, this is what we must ensure, until the last possibility exists and whilst planning, operational and regulatory solutions are available.”

“We are confident that football can restart in the months to come – with conditions that will be dictated by public authorities – and believe that any decision of abandoning domestic competitions is, at this stage, premature and not justified.”

Should the decision go against UEFA’s wishes then it would also cause problems with qualification for the Champions League and Europa League as they are determined by the final standings in their respective domestic leagues.

“Since participation in UEFA club competitions is determined by the sporting result achieved at the end of a full domestic competition, a premature termination would cast doubts about the fulfillment of such condition,” the letter says.

“UEFA reserves the right to assess the entitlement of clubs to be admitted to the 2020/21 UEFA club competitions, in accordance with the relevant applicable competition regulations. We know how much you share with us the core values of our sport and feel your support in our mission to protect the integrity of its competitions.”