There can be little doubt that football is being hugely affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic that is halted normal life as people knew it. Social distancing has become a necessary keyword of today as the Government looks to limit the spread of what has become known as the coronavirus. With revenue streams dried up, clubs are suffering and having to make big decisions. That’s what the Mail Online is reporting is happening at Millwall.

The South East London club sit eighth in the Sky Bet Championship table and are just a win shy of the last of the playoff places, a place currently held by Preston on 56 points. When the football season kicks back into life, it is a position which leaves them handily placed for a push towards the playoffs and possible promotion to the Premier League.

Until that happens, they are in the same boat as every other football club in that their revenue streams are drying up, if they haven’t done already, and they still have to make sure that outgoings in terms of staff wages are met. Like all other clubs, they are in this particular boat, on a certain creek and with no implement to row themselves out of it.

The big decision that Millwall have made is that they are not only to furlough their non-playing staff (a decision taken last week) but they “have now informed their footballing personnel of their intention to place them on the scheme which makes them eligible for financial Government funding.” The Mail Online goes on to stress that the squad is still awaiting “official confirmation” of this measure.

The huge financial pressure that clubs are feeling will no doubt mean that Millwall will not be alone in seeking this form of redress.