Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion have been given a huge boost in their promotion bids as news of a Premier League surfacing as reported by the Birmingham Mail.

There is a written rule which states that Premier League clubs are unable to unilaterally decide to void the season unless agreed with the FA League Committee and the EFL.

All of the clubs in the top flight are joining for a video conference on Friday to discuss ways in which they can proceed with the current season which has currently been suspended to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It has currently been postponed until April 30 but with the peak of the virus yet to have been reached and lockdown measures still in place, resumption at this time looks increasingly unlikely.

Football below the National League has been null and void which has caused for discussions for something similar to happen to the rest of the footballing pyramid.

However, this would see Liverpool denied their first Premier League title as well as Norwich City, Aston Villa and Bournemouth all escaping relegation despite their perilous positions.

West Brom and Leeds would also be denied promotion to the top flight despite having both occupied the top two spots for much of the season.

With the rule now having been disclosed it appears that the Premier League season being declared null and void looks almost set to not happen.

Part of the issue comes from promotion to the Premier League as the Premier League would need to agree with the EFL that cancelling promotion would be the best course of action, however all 71 clubs in the EFL have already agreed that the current season needs to come to a conclusion.

So, barring a huge change of heart from the EFL clubs there will need to be further discussions on how to finish the current season.