The COVID-19 virus is still wreaking havoc across the globe with more and more countries introducing lockdown measures to protect their citizens. Sport, inevitably, felt the brunt of early measures, clubs having their revenue streams cut off. Now, according to news coming from the Mail Online’s Matt Hughes, Birmingham City players have agreed to defer “up to 50 per cent” of their wage packet from next month.

With sport being such a convener of social gatherings, it was one of the first things to fall by the wayside to enforce social distancing. That meant that all football, at every level, was shut down with the seasons placed in some form of stasis. The very earliest that football is set to crank back into action is April 30 but some think that is a conservative estimate at the very best.

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Still, with many openly saying that the season might not even be completed by June, and others saying that games might restart behind closed doors, this leaves all clubs with outgoings but no incomings when it comes to their revenue. As such, the uprearing of financial phantoms is a very real prospect indeed and leaves clubs in a very precarious position.

Birmingham City is looking to alleviate some of this stress with their players agreeing to take a 50% wage deferral for 16 weeks to ensure that the Blues non-footballing staff will receive full pay. The Mail Online say that “the majority” have accepted the proposal which kicks-in from the April payment date for wages.

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The agreement goes that those players accepting the wage proposal will receive their deferred wages in four instalments once football starts back up and revenue starts to flow back into the club’s coffers.

Further fine details of the agreement are that all players qualifying will receive the first £6,000-per-week with the 50 per cent deferment being for any amount over that and up to their actual salary limit.