Former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson has claimed that Leeds United must prepare for a return to football in June with the battle for promotion on the horizon as reported by MOT Leeds News.

The current season has been suspended due to Coronavirus pandemic until April 30th but there are rumours it could be resumed on June 1 behind closed doors although this has yet to be confirmed.

Players in the Championship and indeed the other football divisions will undoubtedly require around a month to get back up to speed and regain match fitness and Robinson has outlined his thoughts on the plans.

“This plan to finish the season is only right. You can’t just hand someone a title or promotion or relegation, that’s not right,” he said.

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“I think you have to finish the season, whether that pushes the start of next season back, or the gap between seasons is crushed.”

“I just think there’s a time and a place when this is all done and people can pick up the baton and say ‘carry on again’.”

“I think it’s really important the leagues are finished. Football is a secondary issue but we will still talk about it and I believe the season will be finished.”

It would be a good idea to have a more specific restart date in the best interests of football with players currently working from home with their own specific training schedule but with no date having been confirmed to aim towards.

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Playing behind closed doors might not be the best news for clubs who are facing financial problems and indeed the supporters who will want to see the remainder of the season but this certainly represents a better option than simply making the campaign null and void.