As far as it goes, the 2019/20 Sky Bet League One season is on pause and no-one can say with certainty when it will be unpaused. The reason for the temporary hiatus is, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging the globe. League One is now on a 34/35 game temporary halt, leaving 11 or 12 games in what will be an extended campaign.

Despite football shuddering to a halt, what with social distancing rightly being put in place to quell the raging pandemic, there’s still a lot that has gone on in League One this season. Indeed, and fans can be assured of the following statement, there will be more twists and turns, more drama ahead when the current campaign plays to its close.

Across the completed games thus far, fans have continued to flow through the turnstiles in droves in a league that has been competitive since Day One. Below are some attendance statistics from this season.

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Top-5 clubs based on total home attendances
  1. Sunderland – 572, 241
  2. Ipswich Town – 332,329
  3. Portsmouth – 320,472
  4. Bolton Wanderers – 195,691
  5. Milton Keynes Dons – 166, 429

There’s no surprise that Sunderland top the total home attendances, every home game has been above 26,000 spectators at the 49,000 capacity Stadium of Light. Their total home attendance of 572,241 is a whopping 239,912 more than those who’ve been through the turnstiles at Portman Road this season. Sunderland’s season home total at this point of the campaign, is better than Derby County’s season total (507,813) in the Championship.

Top-5 clubs based on average home attendance
  1. Sunderland – 30,118
  2. Ipswich Town – 19,549
  3. Portsmouth – 17,804
  4. Bolton Wanderers – 11,511
  5. Milton Keynes Dons – 9,246

No surprise that Sunderland again top the ratings for highest average attendance (30,118) above the same four teams in the same order. Kudos has to be given to Bolton fans who continue to turn out in numbers (11,511) despite their club being rooted to the bottom of the table on 14 points and looking certs for relegation with them trailing AFC Wimbledon by 21 points. This position is, of course, exacerbated by the points penalty imposed on them at the start of this season.

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Top-5 highest home attendances – single game
  1. Sunderland – 33,821
  2. Ipswich Town – 24,051
  3. Portsmouth – 18,801
  4. Bolton Wanderers – 14,003
  5. Milton Keynes Dons – 13,621

Same five in the same places with Sunderland (33,821 vs Bolton Wanderers) again far ahead of the pack 9,770 ahead of Ipswich’s highest attendance (24,051 vs Sunderland). Portsmouth’s highest attendance (18,801 vs Ipswich) is enough to secure 3rd spot over Bolton Wanderers (14,003 vs Blackpool) with the 5th spot going to Milton Keynes Dons (13,621 vs Coventry City).

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