Speaking to Sky Sports News, Gillingham chairman Paul Scally has said that the club are at risk of running out of money in just three months time amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc and the football world has been hit hard over the course of the past few weeks. While games have been suspended and teams have been in self-isolation, clubs further down the Football League ladder have been weighing up how they will deal with the financial implications of the pandemic.

One of the many clubs to take a big hit is Gillingham, with the club’s chairman Paul Scally revealing that the club are at risk of running out of money in just three months time. He spoke to Sky Sports News to provide an insight into the club’s current situation, saying:

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“Assuming we can come to an arrangement with HMRC, not so much defer payments but have a holiday of not paying any HMRC payments for the next three months we can then use that money to keep the staff going. 

“Obviously staff will have to come to arrangements with their own mortgage companies, banks or car loan companies to maybe have a holiday of three months of not paying payments there.

“So, if we can give enough money that staff can buy essentials like food, put petrol in their cars so that they can get around [and] look after their families then I think we can probably last two or three months. After that, the cash we do have will run out and I don’t have any solution past two or three months.”