Some EFL clubs are facing financial ruin as the Walsall chief executive calls for support from the governing body as reported by The Independent.

Clubs’ revenue has been dramatically cut due to the postponement of matches for the next few weeks and this has caused real problems for clubs in the fourth tier of English football in particular.

The Walsall chief executive Leigh Pomlett is confident regarding the Midlands club but fears for others who may not be so lucky and claimed he wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t survive the crisis.

“It wouldn’t surprise me. We all do the same thing, which is play football, but we all do it in different ways in terms of the finances.”

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“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised. It doesn’t take long for a business to get into a cash spiral decline. When it does, it’s almost impossible to get out of it.”

“So I wouldn’t be surprised and I wouldn’t be complacent about any club. Some are in pretty difficult situations as it is. We all know that.”

In light of the current situation and the difficulty surrounding ‘smaller clubs’ Pomlett has called for support from the governing body.

“I’d be hugely disappointed if there was not support for us from the PFA, the EFL and the Government,” he said. “We, like any other football club, will be looking for that support and waiting for the EFL to show the urgency that we need to keep football clubs running.”

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