Football across the world has halted to a stand still amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

There is a lot of uncertainty over the rest of the season and when or if football will return.

Clubs are abiding by the government, football and medical authorities but the reality is developments are arising every few hours that will affect the rest of the campaign.

There is a massive question mark over how to resolve issues over titles, promotions and relegations if it impossible to end the season. Whoever’s decision that is to make will face a backlash regardless.

Every club in the UK will have a different method of keeping their players fit in preparation for the scheduled return to action in early April, whether that be by planning to return to training next week or giving players personal training regimes.

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Sides in League One and Two are heavily dependent on money from gate receipts and no matches for them means a significant reduction in revenue. They will still need to pay their players and may not have the money to do so now.

Clubs like Macclesfield Town and Southend United were struggling financially anyway and this may well send them under.

The authorities have a major decision to make on how to help out clubs in the lower reaches of the football pyramid during this enforced break because at the moment if appears hard to see many coping.

The health of fans, players and people at a football club always comes first. But if financial help isn’t given to some in the future then they may go out of business.

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