Imagine saving all your life to build your dream house only to be told that the bricks you bought were the wrong colour and that you had to abandon your plans. Imagine being a six-number winner if the National Lottery only to be told that you’d not get paid out because the ticket wasn’t printed on the standard paper due to a machine fault. Just imagine these things for a second.

Whilst these instances are hypothetical and, indeed, far-fetched, they are not beyond the bounds of the possible and often are stories reported in the Press – usually accompanied with long, drawn-out ‘compo faces’. These would be the same faces pulled by some if the current whiff of a rumour going around that the EFL could abandon the season and such due to the Covid-19 virus.

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Imagine that, a season where teams are poised for glory is suddenly just wiped out and scratched from the history books because of what is admittedly a deadly virus. It’ unlikely but not beyond all credible bounds of thought. The EFL is meeting this morning to discuss their response to the so-called ‘Coronavirus’ with some saying that the outcome will be a suspension of football:

The above from the Daily Mail’s Matt Hughes suggests a decision has been made and that a suspension of football from both the Premier League and the EFL will be forthcoming at 11 a.m. That suggestion is likely correct as the PL and EFL will be that latest stars to align themselves to suspended football alongside various European domestic leagues and the recent announcement from UEFA that Europa League and Champions League games are to be suspended.

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So, it should all be panic over come 11 a.m. and we can all sit back and ignore the panic-mongers such as Piers Morgan who are using Twitter to spread their rain-cloud-of-doom views.

In the words of Liam Gallagher: “As you were.”