Leeds United had to wait for exactly five months for a decision in the Casilla case and it was bad news for the Whites and their fans. It is a decision that has caused much anger amongst United fans and it is a decision that will continue to be debated vehemently.

The former Real Madrid stopper has been banned for the next eight games after being found ‘proven’ to have addressed Jonathan Leko using racial terms. That incident allegedly occurred in the Whites 1-0 loss to Charlton at The Valley on September 28 last year and only now has the decision been reached, well to a degree of probability that is.

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Leeds fans are already angered at the decision, the following “timely reminder” tweet from tomorrow’s opponents, Hull City, is likely to rile United fans some more:

There are red rags to bulls and then there are tweets such as this that are guaranteed to raise the ire level of Leeds United fans past DEFCON-5 status. That is definitely what is happening tonight in light of the above post by Hull City on their club Twitter feed.

Never poke a sleeping bear, they say. One thing’s for sure and that is that Leeds United fans are commenting and reacting in a tigerish way to what constitutes them being poked by a big stick and agitated beyond belief. Here’s how a few of these fans have reacted to the tweet in question.

Leeds United fans react and comment on Hull City’s “timely reminder” tweet

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