When a side goes to an away game, the games often take on a different tone with the expectation being that a game in front of your fans brings something out of a side. Be it passion or commitment, something tangibly different is often seen.

What Nottingham Forest fans saw from their side in the opening 45 minutes at the City Ground against visitors Sheffield Wednesday was a folding that an origami expert would have been proud of. Forest are no mugs and Sheffield Wednesday, despite decent football of late, are no Barcelona but that wasn’t the case in the opening half between the two sides today.

After 45 minutes of play, home side Forest were 4-0 down in a display that can only realistically be called a pasting by the Owls. The damage was rounded off in time added on at the end of the first period of play by Stephen Fletcher’s goal but this was the cherry on top of a hat-trick by Jordan Rhodes. If this had been boxing, the referee would have stepped in to halt matters as Forest rocked and reeled from Wednesday’s punches.

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Four goals is hard to take for a home side, and Nottingham Forest fans have definitely had their say on matters, but for away supporters it is a glory that they often don’t get to see. Here’s how some Sheffield Wednesday fans, exhuberant at what they saw, reacted to the 4-0 half-time lead that the Owls took at a disbelieving City Ground.

Sheffield Wednesday fand react after perfect half sees them rock Forest for four



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