Walsall manager Darrell Clarke has said he will transfer list under-performing players.

The Saddlers have lost four in a row in League Two and are struggling for form.

Clarke, who was appointed manager over the summer having previously been at Bristol Rovers, has a tough job on his hands with Walsall currently 18th in the league.

He has said, as per a report by the Express and Star: “I have some weak minded players at the minute, they won’t be at the club long. Not with me, not the way I work. We’ll keep working with them and when we can freshen up we’ll freshen it up. They have a lot to prove, a hell of a lot to prove.”

Clakre during his Bristol Rovers days. ProSportsImages.co.uk

“I don’t think it’s a strong division so that make’s my players even weaker because we’re poor. It’s a case of changing personnel, they have 10/11 games in the league before the window opens and they’ll be gone. They’ll be on the transfer list and that’s whether I’ve signed them in the summer or not.”

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He added: “I need a lot more but I take full responsibility for where we’re at. I’ve been a successful manager but I’m having a terrible run. I know what it takes to be a successful team and I’ll take the hit, some of my signings haven’t worked. They haven’t been good enough, I’ll take that.”