Leeds United’s appointment of Marcelo Bielsa not only reinvigorated the Whites fortunes, but it also produced a phoenix from the flames element as Kalvin Phillips emerged as a totally different player.

However, when players break and remake the mould, they often raise their profile to such a degree as to become noticed by other sides. Hungry for success, these sides often circle and cherry-pick off the improved players. That is, to a degree, what has happened to Phillips.

Installed as a vital cog in Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United side, Phillips’ conversion to a defensive midfielder has unleashed a player not only of some repute but also of some worth. He’s that combative type of player who sides tend to fall over to land.

Rumours have flown around for a while about Aston Villa putting in a bid for Kalvin Phillips. Here’s The Mirror’s David Anderson giving the low-down on just what the Villans have submitted as their opening gambit in the Phillips pursuit.

United’s valuation of Phillips, who blossomed under Bielsa’s tutelage last season, is an eye-watering £30million. That amount is high and a reflection of both his value and the determination of Leeds to effectively force suitors away.

However, there is always a chance that Aston Villa will go big before going home on this one. Backed by Premier League monies, they could easily call United’s bluff and put in an even bigger bid that approaches that £30million. That is a very real risk that Leeds United run as they continue talks with their midfield star.

Yet, £11million, if Anderson’s figures are right, represents not only a derogatory offer but also an affront to the level that Kalvin Phillips plays at.