Back in late May, news broke that Leeds United were supposedly being courted by the gas-rich nation of Qatar via a fronted investment vehicle called Qatari Sports Investment (QSI).

It was a story broken by a team of Financial Times reporters and it told of how QSI, a state-backed group who control French giants Paris Saint-Germain, were entertaining an entrance into English football ownership and that “Leeds is the club of choice.”

Cue much merriment in some quarters as fans celebrated the idea that new money could soon be awash at the club, and that there could even be the possibility of PSG loaning in some of their players as a developmental platform.

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However, as the old adage goes, all that glitters isn’t gold, and there were many quick to shut down the gaggling interest befoe it got to fever-pitch levels. Even some in the wider media were sceptical. It was a rumour that fizzed up excitedly before dying back and fizzling out.

However, that fizzling out has had the embers stoked a little today with this snippet of news from website Arabian Business. This article says that big German bank Deutsche Bank “is helping Qatar raise money to buy a top European club” and has received this news via the ubiquitous ‘source close to the deal’.

Whilst there is no confirmation that it is Leeds United that is being sought, the article does remind its readers that “there has been mounting media speculation that Qatar is looking to buy a stake in British club Leeds United.” Speculation is one thing – biting the bullet and actually putting things into action is another.

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At the moment, any talks linked with ‘takeover’ or ‘prospective investment’ are to be taken with a liberal pinch of salt. The more generous the pinch, the better it will be for all Leeds United fans, rather than leading them up a garden path that they’ve travelled a few times before.

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