Clinton Morrison has hit out at Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford over the latest country row speaking live on TalkSport.

Morrison has confirmed he agrees with the Republic Of Ireland’s stance on not chasing the player who has yet to commit his allegiance to either England or Ireland.

Republic Of Ireland boss Mick McCarthy has said he won’t be chasing Bamford to play for them with Robbie Keane also stating that it should be an honour to play for Ireland rather than a second thought.

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Bluntly put by Morrison he said that Bamford would never be good enough to play for England and was puzzled as to why he wouldn’t be chomping at the bit to play for Ireland.

Morrison said on TalkSport: ”What annoys me is that Patrick Bamford, I don’t know him too well and I’m not being disrespectful here, I don’t think Bamford would ever play for England. If Ireland keep calling and you keep saying no then don’t bother. He’s not better than McGoldrick or Shane Long. I don’t know why we keep chasing him.”

“I have watched him a few times for Leeds and all I keep talking about is his diving. For me personally, he’s okay as a footballer, but he’s not brilliant. Either you want to play or don’t want to play.”

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Clearly the 40-year-old was not averse to pulling any punches in his verdict on Bamford and continued to say that playing for Ireland was one of the best decisions of his career.

Morrison was born in London who went on to represent the Republic of Ireland through his grandmother with Mick McCarthy also being the manager at the time.

Bamford has come in for a lot of criticism towards the end of the previous campaign for his diving and general play attracting negativity from the Leeds faithful. With the striker currently plying his trade in the second tier of English football his chances of playing for England are virtually none and he might be wise to consider the offer that has been made to him.

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