In all my time supporting Leeds United there haven’t been many worse PR stunts than the release of the new badge last year, and given what’s happened to the club in my time that takes some doing. The badge was truly awful, a commercial disaster that was quickly retracted, leaving Leeds United fans relieved and the rest of the footballing world disappointed. Today the club changed their twitter account picture to the centenary badge, without actually revealing it.

This post has been shared and live for some time now, the build up to the event widely advertised and in the bottom right the badge that nobody really knew about, although many had anticipated that it would be the badge for the centenary season at Elland Road. Today, top left of the twitter post you’ll see the account has changed to the same badge, with a white background. This is a very subtle way of announcing the new crest for the season, what happens next year is anyone’s guess, as far as we know there is to be a new crest going forward.

Thier is certainly a mixed reaction to the crest. One things the club wanted strongly, and wasnt negotiable was the wording of “Leeds United” as they want to make it a brand. They didn’t like the “lufc” and as you can see it’s quite blatant that it’s been removed from the spine, replaced with the full name above, arching the current design. The shirts will be revealed later this summer and it’s still unknown if Kappa and the sposnor will remain, or their deals have ran out after having a few years with the club.

The shirts will be worth a lot of money in the future, there will probably be three and will be traditional colours given it’s for the centenary season. The club may not have celebrated 2019 with promotion but if Marcelo Bielsa was to lead the club back to the Premier League starting this year it would be equally as good, and the crest would mean even more than it already does. Clubs will never please everyone, but they managed to upset literally everyone with the previous attempt, so either way this is probably now a major winner.