So Morecambe’s unbeaten run against Southend continues after the Shrimp’s overcame the Shrimpers in the rainy Essex Riviera Saturday afternoon. Jack Redshaw gave the visitors the lead by slotting home in the fifth minute with a close range volley which went on to be the only goal of the game. Despite Southend having over double the amount of shots as their opponents, Morecambe went on to collect the 3 points they had been craving.

Southend United

Bentley- Couldn’t do anything about the goal, made some excellent saves to stop the Scoreline becoming any greater. 7.0
White- The best out of the back line, tried to set up chances when going forward and got a few balls into the box. 7.0
Thompson- Wasn’t strong enough against their attackers, gave the ball away on numerous occasions but made a few good tackles. 5.5
Prosser- A rare poor performance by him, gave the ball away cheaply, was caught on the ball numerous times, looked shaky throughout. 4.0
Williams- Worst performance since coming on loan, was always in space on the wings but rarely used and when used failed to do much with it and gave the ball away. 5.0
Clifford- Best Southend player, chased the ball down and won it on numerous occasions, created chances and came the closes to scoring on Southend’s behalf. 7.5
Deegan- Did what he had to do, won the ball back, always looked to set up a chance but got frustrated when there was no support. 6.0
Payne- Always looked to create a chance, went on a few promising runs but failed to have any clear cut chances. 6.5
Hurst- Failed to have any real impact on the game, had a few attempts at goal which came to nothing and got the ball into the box a few times but no end product. Corners seemed to just go to the same defender. 5.5
Weston- Looked lively in the first 45 and a slight threat going forward but backed off as the game went on. 6.0
Coulthirst- Got on the ball a lot and had a couple of good chances but was weak and got pushed off the ball with ease at times. 6.0


Atkinson- Got into the game quite quickly when he came on, looked to set up a few chances but didn’t have any overall impact. 5.5
Barnard- Got on the ball quite a bit around the penalty area and always looked to set something up. 6.0
Worrall- Looked up for it when he came on, had a few runs down the wing which lead to chances and had a couple of really good chances himself. 6.0


Roche- Top quality game, made some great saves, very good performance.
Beeley- Strong performance, good play, work effort was quality.
Hughes- Settling back into the team gradually, played okay, alright performance.
Parrish- Amazing performance from him, very good and clean tackles as per usual.
Goodall- Top quality performance, did his job very well.
Ellison- Lack of concentration, could have played better, but ok performance and should have been sent off.
Wright- Played well for the time he was on, solid performance.
Keynon- Decent performance, done the job, strong in the middle, good game.
Mullin- Decent game, good play, some good chances, should have finished more.
Redshaw- Best player on the pitch, took his goal excellently, caused a threat all game, created some great chances, great game.
Devitt- Decent game, played okay, done the job.


Sampson- When he came on he was strong and created good chances, well played.
Amond- Okay game overall, great work effort.
Fleming- Played ok when he came on, tried to create a few chances but failed to really get involved.

Man of the match

Jack Redshaw- Caused and looked excellent all game, had bundles of energy throughout and took his goal very well.  8.5

Match highlights

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  1. James Atkinson on

    Devitt 6? He was absolutely amazing, best I've seen in a Morecambe shirt for a while! Also, he doesn't play defensive mid, he's a wide forward/midfielder!

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