Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish has been voted by you as the 3rd best player in the EFL.

Over the last month, we have been gathering votes from you to find the best managers and players in the EFL. And after counting the votes, we have discovered you think that Grealish is the 3rd best player in the Football League. He has moved up 11 places from his 14th place finish on this list last year.

Ever since Aston Villa have been relegated from the Premier League, there has been a lot of pressure on Grealish’s shoulders. Because he is widely seen as a player too good for this league, he has been linked with some of the best clubs in the country after all, fans have been expecting him to outclass many of the defences he faces in the Sky Bet Championship. But that also marks him out as a target, a player that those same defences want to beat and take out of the game because that would be a crowning achievement of their career.

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So it is credit to Grealish that despite all of the pressure and targeting from defences across the league that he was still able to be a supreme performer. He was the player every fan wanted, someone able to completely change games in Villa’s favour when he turned it on. And thankfully for the Villains, he turned it on on numerous occasions. In the 34 appearances he made this season, Grealish was able to score six goals.

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