Steve Morison believes that Lee Gregory took a risk in not signing a new contract at Millwall.

The pair have scored 109 goals between them in the last four seasons, goals that sent Millwall to back to back League One play-off finals.

In an interview with the South London Press Morison also said that it proves his teammate has balls. ““He has been the spearhead of our attack for the last four years, unfortunately he’s not going to be there next year. But it also shows he has got a pair of balls on him, because he could easily have just signed a contract and just settled. But he wants to try and better himself and decided to run his contract down. To be out of contract now, I have no doubt he’ll have a few suitors and he can pick where he wants to go. That’s the big decision he made, considering he is 31 in August. He took a massive gamble on his future and it seems like it has paid off.”

Morison revelled that Gregory consulted advice from him on what to. “He’s asked my advice on things at times. What would you do? What do you think? My answer every time is that you have got to do what is best for you. That’s what everyone has to do in ever walk of life. The only tough situation was that he was risking an injury, which would have meant he wouldn’t have had a contract next year. But he has played on the edge still and been great. That shows his character.”

Millwall fans grew to love Gregory but there was a general consensus from the fan base that he missed too many chances. Morison has given his verdict. “If I was going to give one criticism of Gregs it is that he doesn’t score enough goals,” said Morison. “Sometimes he is clinical and sometimes not. That’s the difference if you look at a Billy Sharp or Teemu Pukki. They get one chance and they score it. But, on the flipside, the better teams you play for then the more chances you get. Maybe they get five or six chances and we don’t see that in the highlights reel, you only see the one or two they put away.

“You go to better teams then you are going to get more chances, you are going to score more goals. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gregs got 20 goals in the Championship if he played week in and week out and for a team which played well and created chances.

“Ultimately this season he has been in a struggling team. So to score 13 goals – and some big goals in there – is a decent record. I think it is the other side of his game, which is why whoever takes him, takes him.

“His general play – his willingness to work – is great. He is definitely not big time, he hasn’t got a chip on his shoulder and he’ll work really hard even if he is not scoring. He is always contributing, which is a massive part of the game when you play up front.”

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