Football is a game that rouses passion; it always has done and it always will do. It’s the heartbeat that drives fans and their allegiances.

Incidents and actions on the field inflame the passions of fans on the terraces. That’s what makes football great; that’s what makes football a cathartic affair.

This, below, isn’t what makes football anything. As much as football adds to the passions a person feels; this only detracts from football as the spectacle it deserves to be.

As Sky Sports say, the attack from a Birmingham fan is “an absolute disgrace.” Forget all about ‘heat of the moment’, forget all about ‘inflamed passions’, forget about all of that and the associated fineries. Remember just one thing, this is thuggery plain and simple.

It is an act of thuggery that has rightly led to his arrest, should lead to a formal charge and a custodial sentence. Simple as that – there is no excuse for what he did on live television.

Birmingham derby match aside, partisan passions put on hold, traditional rivalries dampened down – there is no excuse that can be tendered for what was witnessed. In fairness, the authorities should only concentrate on the actus rea here of what happened, the mens rea playing only a side note.

Grealish attack – fan reactions

Attack, a powerful and emotive word but one that sums up the very essence of what was witnessed. It was an attack that was bound to garner some response and so it did. Here’s how some fans have reacted to the blindsided punch landed on Jack Grealish.

There was a sweet response from Grealish though, the Aston Villa midfielder opening the scoring in the second-half.

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