In all honesty, when the rumours came up about Leeds United being interested in bringing coaching legend Marcelo Bielsa, you’d be more than excused for crying bull***t.

Bielsa is a renowned coaching expert, an influencer of Premier League managers such as Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino. When Bielsa speaks, football listens.

Yet, get him they did. Thing is, when you get Marcelo Bielsa, you get everything. You get more than the man; you get a whole philosophy. That philosophy have come to LS11, but not only has it just come.

It has percolated through all levels of the club and is evident in everything that the club does. Every age group is taught to play football his way, Bielsaball as coined by Leeds United supporters.

This has seen the Argentine legend turn around the juggernaut that has always been Leeds United. He’s taken a side that finished 13th last season, added in but a few players, but he has sprinkled a lot of magic dust. From 13th to top that they occupy now, Bielsa has had a massive effect on Leeds United.

However, with success always comes jealous glances. This time these glances are coming from the direction of the Premier League and struggling Everton. According to The Express, the Merseysiders have Bielsa “on the shortlist that has been drawn up thanks to his impressive stint in the dugout at Elland Road.”

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News that Everton were allegedly casting eyes Leeds United’s way and at Marcelo Bielsa, was always going to cause more than a ripple on Twitter. Here’s what some Leeds United fans had to say about the links.

Everton ‘looking at’ Bielsa as Silva replacement – Leeds United fans react

And, finally, for worried Leeds fans here is some hope from an Everton fan.

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