Sky Sports have admitted to the Derby Telegraph that they removed a chant insulting them from the match between Derby County and Nottingham Forest.

Over the last few years, there has been growing anger at Sky Sports from football fans. In order to televise games, Sky Sports change the dates and kick-off times of matches which has caused a lot of aggravation to fans when they have already organised things such as train travel and potentially time off work. This has exploded recently with fans chanting anti-Sky Sports statements during matches broadcast on the network.

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This happened again during the East Midlands derby between Derby County and Nottingham Forest with the fans chanting ‘Sky TV is f*****g s**t’. However many noted that shortly after the chant started, the crowd noise increased in an unnatural way which dampened out the sound of the chant.

Upon a request from Derby Telegraph, Sky Sports have now admitted that they did dampen the crowd noise when they started chanting this statement. But they went on to say that they did not dampen the chant because of the anti-Sky Sports message but because of the offensive language used within the chants. They said that they also dampened other chants using offensive language later on in the match.

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Offensive language on TV is regulated by Ofcom and they say that broadcasters must do all they can to keep offensive language off television. While this is difficult for live broadcasts like football, crowd dampening is something that can be used to avoid complaints from the public.

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