Let’s be honest, I have ZERO chance of dating Rihanna, or even getting close to her – well not without being tazered and served a restraining order. There are just some things in life that no matter how much you want, you can’t have.

Now, after I have awoken from my post-Rihanna dream, I drift back to matters football. I cast my roving eye over the emerging news and something catches my eye. Apparently Leeds United have been contacted by Serie B leaders Palermo over the availability of Kemar Roofe.

Stunned, dazed even, I take a step back and rub my head, befuddled. How? Just how? Here’s Leeds United’s top scorer on 10 goals and we are not even halfway through the season. How? Why? Why would there be this interest? Where the hell has it come from?

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BlogSicilia, that’s where! But what do they say I hear, what are they hollering? Well, it seems that the Italians are in for Roofe in a serious way. BlogSicilia say that “contacts were started with Leeds United” with the aim of buying the former Oxford United and West Brom youth striker.

Not loaning, buying…as in paying a price to own fully. Apparently Leeds United are asking for a fee of between €5-6million, or £4.5-5.4million. Chickenfeed really for a striker who could go on to get 20+ goals this season and drive Leeds United to a place in the Promised Land that is the Premier League.

So, going up with Leeds United, and hitting the Premier League or going up with Palermo and hitting Serie A. Hmmm a tricky one. I…am…going…to call a friend on this one. I mean, it is such a…wait, stop!

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Let’s get one thing right; Kemar Roofe isn’t going to Italy in any other form than on an end-of-season jolly. I mean, €6million/£5million for him, pull the other one as it has bells on it! I don’t own a hat, but if Kemar Roofe goes to Italy for around £5million I will buy a hat and then eat it!

Mind you, if he does saunter off to Palermo, that must mean that I have a chance with Rihanna.

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