Leeds United fans will be devastatingly quick to tell you that their side are one of the most hated in football. The FA hate them, the Football League hate them and, as can be seen on social media, many fans of other clubs hate them.

However, as quick as these fans are to point out this ‘hatred’, they are even quicker to indicate the biased hatred that Sky Sports pundit Don Goodman has for them, their side and seemingly all that both stand for.

With Leeds United and Sky Sports having something of a symbiotic relationship, there’s much opportunity for former Wolves man Goodman to have a go, a sly dig here and there.

As soon as the Whites are announced as being on Sky Sports (again!), and that Goodman is to commentate, a collective groan goes up from United’s fans across ALL social media platforms. “He hates us…”, “Be yet more Goodman rubbish to listen to….” and that list could continue to levels of obscenity that’s make a dockworker’s wife blush.

However, hang on a minute.

From out of leftfield, and definitely out of character, up pops Don Goodman with a compliment. Discussing the side’s display yesterday against QPR, he said: “Make no mistake, these are the real deal, Leeds United.”

Praise indeed from a man who often has little of a constructive nature to say about Leeds United. It’s a shock to the system; here’s how some Leeds United fans reacted to it.