Blackburn Rovers manager Tony Mowbray has been discussing his side’s January transfer window plans during the international break.

Blackburn Rovers have been somewhat of a surprise package in the early stages of this season, sitting in 9th place in the Championship, losing just three games out of their first 17 so far. It was plain to see prior to this season that Rovers possess some quality players in their squad, such as captain Charlie Mulgrew and star man Bradley Dack – who some believed wouldn’t be able to make the step up.

However, despite being the main man – Dack is by no means the only reason behind Blackburn’s success. Manager Tony Mowbray’s recruitment since his arrival in February 2017 has helped him build a squad of surprise – but genuine – Championship Play-Off contenders.

Mowbray is looking to bring in new players to fill the gaps, but isn’t looking for a revolution.

“I have talked about the evolution of this club, not revolution, by each transfer window try and improve and get better players,” Mowbray told the Lancashire Telegraph.

“Whether it’s faster, stronger, better technical footballers, that’s what the plan is.

“The recruitment plan is on overdrive at the moment, watching players, and trying to find where the next additions are going to be.

“We have to look hard to find them, they don’t just pop up out of the ground.

“The work is going on behind the scenes to make sure we can develop and grow so the days we play Leeds United in the future we expect to win, not just give them a good game and see how it gets to.

“That’s the expectation we have to get to, to expect to be in the top six because we’ve spent a lot of money on some good players and that’s where you want to be.

“Like last year, there was a pressure to go and win because we had a good team with good players.

“You’d rather have that pressure than no good players and a team that’s struggling for its life and you have to come in to press conferences and say ‘how do you expect us to beat them, they have better, more expensive players, a bigger squad?’

“It’s difficult because in the end people get bored of listening.”

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