Imagine identical twins with identical axes. Now imagine identical corpses splayed out in front of said identical twins, caked with blood.

Both identical twins admit that they are to blame, one for each dismembered cadaver. One identical twin says he went a bit further and hacked a couple more times resulting in further injuries.

Twin, twin victims and twin crimes. Two identical prison sentences sorted, or so you think. Twin One goes to Ol’ Chokey for a life stretch, yet Twin Two, who hacked a few more times, gets let off scot-free because the judge likes the cut of his jib.

Now, if that happened in real life, like in a proper situation, then you’d be clamouring for the judge to rightly be dismissed. In all honesty, you’d have EVERY right to do so. You see, identical crimes should go hand-in-hand with identical punishments.

Someone ought to tell the Football Association that.

Because as far as the FA go, it seems that identical crimes do demand non-identical, contrasting punishments. Now, I know that no-one has been hacked to death, but the FA’s red lines regarding referee criticism might as well be strawberry bootlaces for all they are worth!

Here’s the case in point.

Pontus Jansson’s comment are, as you can tell by his wording, more close to the bone – his vernacular most clear. He termed the decisions of referee Jeremy Simpson a “robbery” after Leeds United stumbled to a 1-1 draw at Elland Road against Brentford.

Jansson was asked by the FA to explain his comments – and the ban that Leeds United fans knew was incoming actually did come in. It was one game, it was a ban and it was fully deserved.

Cue Charlie Austin’s rant after another drawn game, this time in the Premier League against Watford. Fair enough his words were a little less industrial, a little more couched, yet the direct criticism of the referee is there for all to hear.

So, Charlie Austin hangs his head in shame, comes out the next day and apologises for his outburst. Except he doesn’t. He comes out the next morning to mock his own interview, turning the screw further. One-game ban incoming you’d be right in thinking.

Except, that is not what happened. Apparently the FA gave him the benefit of the doubt. It is the same ‘doubt’ that also likely led them to not charge Sergi Canos for a headbutt on Leeds United’s Gjanni Alioski in the same game Jansson complained about.

Leeds United fans do complain, and complain loudly, that there is a sense of injustice and bias from the footballing authorities towards their club. You can try and dismiss this out-of-hand, call it flights of fancy or whatever.

Yet when incidents come up like this, you can’t help but think that Twin Two is coming out of this smelling of roses whilst Twin One smells a little more piquant as a result of thrown faecal matter.

It’s beyond a joke.

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