Marcelo Bielsa has come in to Elland Road and turned Leeds United around. However, tonight it was his side that was turned around so often that they ended up corkscrewing themselves into the ground.

In the end, the 4-1 scoreline flattered to deceive in the face of a West Brom performance where pace and power more than made up for a lack of possession. Starved of the ball they may have been, but gluttonous on real chances they were as they ripped Leeds apart at will.

Content to soak up the pressure, West Brom were almost rapier-esque on the counter, precise and punishing. To watch them come forward and attack Leeds was like watching Sugar Ray Leonard in his prime.

Call it what you like, dress it up in whatever fineries of language that you can muster, that was a battering that Leeds United received at the Hawthorns this evening. It had been on the cards from the opening exchanges as West Brom surged forwards.

For all their possession advantage and superior passing accuracy, Leeds United were simply not at the races tonight. In fact, the stall seemed to be shut for Leeds as their usually fluent style and swaggering panache was shot to pieces by a very good side.

The performance was bad, make no bones about that – it was as bad as the Whites have played this season and by some too! Whether it is as bad as they will play, Leeds United fans will definitely hope that it is!

For the Whites, it is a case of regroup and recover. The measure of how good a team that they are will be in how they respond after the international break in quickfire games against Bristol City and Reading.

It is a defeat that has garnered a lot of response on Twitter. Here’s what some Leeds United fans have been saying over there:

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