Leeds United are appearing on Sky Sports so often that fans have long since started calling it Sky Sports Leeds. Whilst there’s an undoubted bit of humour in there, it does cause serious grumblings amongst Whites fans.

One of these, that is often bandied about across social media, is the issue of the Whites not receiving a sufficient amount of share of the monies from the broadcasting giants.

A further issue of malcontent is that Leeds United have a large contingent of overseas fans, largely in Ireland and Scandinavia, who regularly travel to games. Forethought and planning wise, these fans often book up flights and accommodation when fixtures are released, in doing so capturing the best deals.

Yet, seemingly at a whim, and definitely a victim of their own success and reputation, Leeds United games are selected and dates/times changed to suit the Sky Sports cameras’ stares.

It is something causing resentment amongst Leeds United fans, and it is something that is becoming even more vocal – literally. To this end, the raucous echoes of the terrace chant “Sky TV is f****** s***!” is heard being bellowed out during televised games.

It isn’t any longer though, with recent stories appearing in the press that Sky Sports are adopting technology to block out the verbal battering that they are receiving from Leeds United fans.

To put the fans’ displeasure in perspective, from September 28 to November 10, seven from eight Leeds United games will have been/are scheduled for being televised via Sky Sports.

Of all Leeds’ 15 Sky Bet Championship games, only four have been traditional 3pm Saturday kick-offs. Sky’s new ‘red button’ technology has meant that 11 Whites games have been available on the broadcaster’s platform.

In order to combat the abusive chants aimed at them, Sky Sports have employed ‘dampening’ techniques with the vociferous Leeds United chants replaced by neutral crowd noise.

However, Leeds United may have found a bandmaster to orchestrate an even more concerted racket – step forward injured defender Luke Ayling:

It is a tweet that was bound to garner a reaction from Leeds United fans, and a reaction is something that it definitely got. Here’s some of the safer responses that Leeds United fans left in the comments:

However, not all Leeds United fans are in support of Ayling’s ‘promotion’ of louder Leeds United fan singing – there are dissenters out there:

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