Leeds United striker Kemar Roofe handed Leeds United an equalising lifeline yesterday, literally. His forearm-manoeuvred 83rd minute goal gave the Whites a share of the points.

It also sparked a massive reaction from Nottingham Forest fans on Twitter, video evidence signifying that the had a right to do so. With the wonders of camera and television, there is no escaping that.

It is still a talking point even now, a day later. In a way it was harsh on Forest who had clung on until that point in the face of a veritable hail of Leeds United pressure. With the Whites edging ever closer to an equaliser, there was always that feeling that  Forest’s creaking would turn to cracking and an equaliser would come.

Still, it was no way to lose all three points, that win being reduced to just the one point in a case, Forest fans will argue, is more two points stolen than two points lost. One more famous Forest supporter to comment was England cricketer Stuart Broad who is currently on tour in Sri Lanka. Here’s what Broad had to say:

With emotions running high over the incident, Broad’s tweet was bound to furnish the whole gamut of replies, and it didn’t disappoint in that sense. Here’s some of what was said in reply:

Of course, as would be expected, Leeds United fans were also quick to reply. Here’s some of their comments:

However, in a house of glass you cannot expect to throw stone and not break any windows. In a classic case of kettle calling pot black, here’s a clip of Stuart Broad refusing to display his honesty to the game officials:

The pavilion is that way Stuart.

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