Pundits, commentators, call them what you like, often only add colour to a broadcast of a game of live football – especially on the big channels such as Sky Sports.

Many fans tend to gloss over what they say, or rage against them, as they often see their commentary as a series of linked soundbites. However, that doesn’t refer to all, and nor should it do. Leeds United fans are blessed with a trio of excellent commentators who do a sterling job for BBC Radio Leeds when it comes to covering Leeds United games.

That trio, consisting of Noel Whelan, Adam Pope and Kathryn Hannah really do a fantastic job when it comes to turning a Leeds United game into a verbal soundscape. Just as print journalist Phil Hay’s ‘GOOOOOO’+30MOREO’OOAL’ celebration has become part of his Twitter repertoire, so Noel Whelan’s “GET IN!!!” has become a much anticipated part of BBC Radio Leeds’ matchday commentary.

The long and the short of it is this, when one of that trio says something about Leeds United, fans really do sit up and take notice. Like tonight, after the Nottingham Forest game, when Popey had this to say about Leeds United youngster Jack Clarke:

The first response to the initial comment by Popey gave the BBC Radio Leeds broadcast journalist/commentator the chance to add further depth to his first opinion:

His post also allowed other Leeds United fans to get in on the act and wax lyrical about youngster Clarke who is still only 17. So far this season, Clarke has appeared in the Whites’ last three Championship games, coming off of the bench to earn 59 minutes as an ‘impact’ substitute.

Here’s what some Leeds United fans had to say in reply, starting with members of Leeds bands Kaiser Chiefs and Pigeon Detectives:

Away from this luminary pair, other Leeds fans were also quick to extol the virtues of the youngster who Popey says has a “homing pigeon attitude towards goal.” Here’s what some of them had to say:

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