“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
Desiderius Erasmus

Oft-used, this quotation is trawled out when someone with minimal talent, or ability, climbs out of the mere and shines glorious against those of even less substance.

Well, tonight the Football Association have proven beyond any uncertainty that they deserve the ‘king’ accolade. How? Well with the following:

The reason for Jansson’s one-match ban and £1000 fine? Well it is to do with the after-match interview live on Sky Sports where he summed up his feelings as being “sh*t” and then proceeded to say that the matchday referee had been guilty of a “robbery”.

In fairness, when looking at the decisions of that particular Saturday at Elland Road, you could easily argue that the referee was beyond the acceptable degree of performance. Like a man trying to pick up a wet bar of soap, he didn’t even get close to getting a grip on it.

Yet, when it comes down to arguing the level of Dick Turpinism, the bigger robbery has been that perpetuated by the Football Association – at least in the eyes of many Leeds United fans.

The very same ‘Independent Regulatory Commission’ that had somehow shown the acuity of an eagle circling its prey from high above, also failed to spot a blatant headbutt by Brentford’s Sergi Canos on Leeds United winder Gjanni Alioski.

Apparently, whilst this particular commission was able to agree that Pontus Jansson was guilty as charged M’Lud, the other commission failed to unanimously agree that Canos had headbutted Alioski. Fairs, it wasn’t the most perfectly executed of headbutts, and might have looked schoolboyish in its execution, but it WAS a headbutt nonetheless.

Not according to them though, three men masquerading as nursery rhyme blind mice couldn’t agree with what they saw before their very eyes – Three Blind Mice indeed.

Far from asking for the farmer’s wife to come and cut off their tails with a carving knife, the FA appoint another of the same ilk. However, this is one with more ocular skills than the previous iteration and saw everything.

Just really does go to prove that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is indeed a king.

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