“So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time.”

That’s a verse from The Eagles ‘seminal classic ‘Take It To The Limit’, a great song by an equally great band. Lyrically spot-on, musically as dream to listen to as it strums its way onward. Trust me fellow Leeds United fans, give it a whirl over on Spotify or that there YouTube.

Not only is it a great song, but the above verse pretty much sums up events surrounding the Leeds United vs Brentford aftermath. It was a fractious game, one where tempers were on the edge and weren’t helped by Brentford’s goal coming from a penalty conned out of referee Jeremy Simpson by an outrageous Ollie Watkins dive.

Such was Simpson’s lack of vision that David Blunkett would have had a tighter control over affairs at Elland Road. As a performance from a referee, it was beyond the pale – way beyond the pale. In terms of the above verse from The Eagles, Simpson could have been on a highway, stood nose up to a sign and still not be able to see it. Leeds United fans had every right to feel that they were taken to the limit.

It was this ‘take it to the limit’ attitude that particularly grated Leeds United defender Pontus Jansson, the big Swede not even attempting to take it easy. When asked what he though, he let rip with a tirade that included the words “sh*t”, “referee” and “robbery.” Whilst general football fans winced at Jansson’s choice of vernacular, Leeds United fans knew, just knew that there was an FA charge coming.

And, you know what, they were proven right. Pontification and Three Blind Micehousery were the plat du jour of the FA whilst they bided their time. Once they were ready, they pounced. They asked Jansson for his observations and then landed him with a ‘bringing the game into disrepute’ charge.

I’ll tell you what brings the game into more ‘disrepute’, the fact that you could show the FA a sign, they’d still not see it – well two of three wouldn’t. I mean, they didn’t even unanimously agree that Brentford winger Sergi Canos had headbutted Gjanni Alioski – EVEN THOUGH clear video evidence showed that to be the case! Couldn’t be clearer in fact; it was clearer than a hermit’s address book.

Some Leeds United fans are beginning to steam over on Twitter, angry at the stamp down on Jansson’s verbal assault on referee Simpson, whilst failing to even agree that Brentford’s Sergi Canos headbutted Alioski! I mean, come on eh!

Dear FA, you might be able to convince some that you are standing up for the fairness and decency of the game in charging Jansson for his outburst. But by missing the opportunity to rightly punish Canos, you can’t help but have some question your integrity. As The Eagles said in another great ditty:

“You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise
I thought by now you’d realise
There ain’t no way to hide your lyin’ eyes.”

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