Blackburn Rovers Chief Executive Steve Waggott spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph regarding the relationship with the club’s owner Venky’s, saying that a trust has been built up between himself, manager Tony Mowbray and the owners.

Steve Waggott and Tony Mowbray are set to travel to India in November to meet up with the owners during the International break, and Mowbray’s contract extension is set to be one of many topics to come up in the discussions between them. Waggott also understands that the owners know they need to visit Ewood Park sooner rather than later, as it has been more than three years since they came to Blackburn.

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“Every time I see them I say that the main question I get asked at all of the fans’ forum, and from the press and the media, is ‘when are you going to come back?’” Waggott told the Lancashire Telegraph.

“They say they will come back when it’s the right time to come back.

“While they trust me and Tony to get on with the non-football and football side of the club, with constant dialogue, they know they need to show up at some stage.”

Waggott assumed the role of Chief Executive in December last year, and has built up a bond of trust with Venky’s, as they now trust Waggott to run and manage the club, while manager Mowbray leads his squad up the Championship table.

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“It is very healthy. The trust level is increasing. Tony has done a fantastic job and he has implicit trust from the owners on the footballing side.

“I’m building a trust and on the way I’m building up the company on a very stable level.

“Hopefully that was shown by the healthy transfer budget that we got in the last window.

“We have to keep building on that and every decision we make is for the betterment of the club. It’s not about individuals, it’s about Blackburn Rovers Football Club.”

It will be interesting to see how the talks in November develop, with several topics set to come up, as Rovers look to plan for the long term under Tony Mowbray. Extending players’ contracts as well as Mowbray’s and discussing potential transfer targets are all likely to come up during the November International break.

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