It’s a running joke amongst Leeds United fans that the football authorities are stacked in their bias against the Whites. Whilst there may be an element of tongue-in-cheek humour about it, there’s some seriousness about it at times.

There’s some who say that a lie repeated often enough will turn into the truth, and that is certainly true in some respects. Whilst it may not actually take on the status of ‘absolute fact’, a repeated lie sometimes garners such credence that elements of it become quasi-truthful. Urban legend. Yes, that’s what it is often termed.

Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe Leeds United fans harping on about rough treatment from the football authorities is just a lie perpetuated to such a degree that it’s now classified as ‘urban legend mate’. Yeah, that’s it, Leeds United fans’ heads are in the wrong place. They have listened to that ‘football league’s corrupt’ rubbish for so long that they now believe it; it has entered the inner sanctum of their ‘nobody loves us but we don’t care’ mantra.

Of course, why am I so stupid? It was there as plain as day to see. Leeds United fans are making it all up – someone grab me the blower so I can call the local rag and let them know. I mean, it’s certainly news isn’t it.

Except, well it’s not. Leeds United fans are not imagining this – not wholly anyway. Embellishing, maybe. Imagining, certainly not. Now I’m not sure of the legal workings of courts and the justice system etcetera, but I do know that there’s this thing called precedence. Let me explain why Leeds United fans might just be right about biased treatment.

Ken Bates, yes the little fella that looked like a weather-beaten version of Captain Birdseye who’d yo-ho-ho’d in from a night on the grog. He took Leeds United into administration, into League One and very nearly out of existence. Now, whilst the club are healthier now he’s sailed back to Monaco, they weren’t in the third tier of English football.

Initially they were docked 15 points and started staring League Two stark in the face. Simon Grayson’s team-talk was easy: “See this lot we’ve got today? They voted to dock us points.” Anyway, from that we then end up with Massimo Cellino taking over after buying out some shifty financiers from Bahrain who I shudder to name such is my disgust. Suddenly Mad Mass ends up seeing his new club ‘Lidds’ suffering the indignity of failing Financial Fair Play regulations, ending up in a transfer embargo.

Has that happened to the other clubs skirting the FFP margins? Have they had their fingers burned from playing ‘touchy touchy ouchy’ with the flames of income-vs-expenditure? Nah, the EFL have handed out fire extinguishers to the likes of Aston Villa, offering to sit down with them to sort it out. Leeds United thrown into the fire; teams like Aston Villa given fire extinguishers.]

So excuse me for saying this, but Leeds United fans knew FULL well the outcome of EVERY event following the Brentford game. They knew that Ollie Watkins will not face any retrospective actions after his blatant dive that would have made Tom Daley smile. They knew that Sergi Canos would escape a charge for violent conduct after a headbutt that wasn’t apparently because some blokes on an FA Disciplinary panel seem to not be able to agree the relationship between intent and action.

They also knew that the club will have to explain to, and work with, the authorities to identify the launchers of projectiles from the South Stand after Brentford scored the ‘penalty that never was’. Added to this they already knew that Neal Maupay will not face any action for standing in front of the South Stand, arms stretched wide, goading the reaction that will result in fans being banned. Leeds United fans also knew that the FA would take their time deciding over Pontus Jansson’s “robbery” comments about the referee’s handling of the game.

Forget the ‘lie perpetuated to truth’ that the Football League/FA are corrupt and that ‘everyone hates us’ mentality that Leeds United fans have. It isn’t ‘urban legend’; it’s the truth.

Leeds United fans knew EVERY decision that would be made in the aftermath of the Brentford game at Elland Road last Saturday.

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