Fairness and equality should go hand-in-hand when it comes to decision-making at ALL levels. Importance or position should have no bearing on decisions made, none at all.

David Beckham should not be able to escape a speeding penalty and possible driving ban just because he can afford to hire Mr Loophole QC when Dave from Gipton has to cough up for doing 38 in a 30 zone. Fairness and equality should be equal bedfellows when it comes to hammering down the letter of the law.

Except they’re not. Everyone knows that. Everyone has a tale to tell when exceptions are seen rather than the rules.

In football there’ll of course be the partisans who will crow that their side receiving pointed treatment from the authorities that doesn’t ring true for the opposition. There’s always going to be an element of ‘they’ve got it in for us’ with certain teams.

Leeds United fans are one such group, there’s always a sense with them that decisions go against us – that in some ways the Football League’s corrupt. Much of it may be, to a degree, tongue-in-cheek, but there is a genuine sense of mistrust allied to the footballing authorities and the punishments that they hand out to the Whites.

This perceived bias, and all that it brings, incites a sense of anger in Whites fans. Yet there’s an opportunity early next week to present a sense of balance after the early Saturday game at Elland Road between Leeds United and Brentford that ended in a 1-1 draw.

This balance should start with formal charges against Pontus Jansson for his direct critique of referee where he used the word “robbery” when summarising the man-in-the-middle’s performance.  He should then receive the punishment that such an outburst demands – likely a fine – and he should accept it.

Then, the very same board that punish him need to consider this:

In the interests of balance, fairness and equality, the football authorities cannot and must not turn a blind eye to it. Gjanni Alioski has every right to go to retrieve the ball as it is taken by Brentford’s Assistant Head Coach Thomas Frank into the dug-out.

Alioski goes in to get the ball, grappling with Frank. The ball is thrown back into play, the grappling continues, and then Sergi Canos comes in and definitely headbutts the Leeds United winger, albeit on his shoulder.

Sorry, where the headbutt is aimed isn’t important; the intention of Canos doing so is the issue. That’s something that needs to definitely be picked up on and dealt with.

The authorities need to show that they have the stones to deal with the events of Elland Road, Saturday. Yes they need to punish Jansson’s criticism of the referee, less so his dropping of the ‘S’ Bomb live on Sky Sports. However, they also need to deal with Sergi Canos, because what he did was far, far more serious a matter.

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