Nottingham Forest are set to change the name of their famous City Ground stadium to the “Kuwait City Ground Stadium”, according to the Daily Mail.

Chairman and owner Fawaz Al Hasawi, who hails from the country, has agreed a deal with the Kuwaiti government which will also include shirt sponsorship as well as the name changed to the KCG Stadium.

The City Ground has hosted Forest for the past 116 years and this new deal is seen as the first step in Al Hasawi’s grand plan of promotion to the Premier League.

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  1. An article qualified by "The Daily Mail understands". Unfortunately the Daily Fail usually understands very little. Fawaz interviews often lose a lot in the translation. And if it happens so what? Its the way of things these days – at least it will still have "City Ground" in the name unlike our two near neighbours' stadiums..

  2. two near neighbours' stadiums not featuring any vestige of their original names (not that you'd want to remember the crisp bowl) and obviously not "city ground"

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