The position Leeds clearly need to strengthen is centre-back, everyone knows it…or do they? The man that counts doesn’t think so, and based on his start at Leeds United we can’t really be questioning him. Marcelo Bielsa wants just an attacking midfielder before the deadline for loans, and why not?!

There are concerns that the squad is too thin amongst fans but as things stand it seems bizarre that anyone could argue with what Marcelo Bielsa wants to do. He wanted a lean squad and he’s got rid of over fifteen players and brought in just five, he wants one more. Attacking midfielders aren’t really in short supply but according to Hay the club want a replacement for Samu Saiz, by replacement that means a back-up. This player is currently in the Premier League, but who, we don’t know.

It’s become clear that Bielsa favours attacking football over defensive, but there is method because as the old saying goes, “the best form of defence is attack”. Full-backs are crucial, the number ten the key in everything and a role named the “enganche” that Bielsa has used for a long, long time. If Saiz is out, who then plays? Lewis Baker doesn’t seem to be the number ten, more a player that will link play.

Jamie Shackleton was actually used in that position in pre-season with a  few minutes remaining against Las Palmas, and with the news today that Leeds see that as the area that needs cover it seems there isn’t anyone Bielsa feels can use the same way. It makes sense as to why Saiz was played in the League Cup game at home to Bolton two weeks ago, when most of the team was rotated, but this week we can’t really afford to use him with the Boro game on the horizon.